Identity Powered Activation

Easily activate your audiences anywhere you need — campaign delivery, audience intelligence, data collaboration, and more. Safeguard your addressable advertising with the market leader in identity.

Enable audience-enriched Deal IDs via leading programmatic channels & direct bought or sold campaigns

Secure efficient and effective ad placements, support A/B testing and more

Build direct connections with partners via Clean Room capabilities that power data collaboration

Unlock new revenue streams with data sales


Partner Connections
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Make the most of your investment in first-party data by connecting your CDP, data warehouse, or directly onboarded digital customer touchpoints to Lotame’s robust advertising and marketing pipes for scaled activation.

Marketer Use Cases

Madtech Activation

Scale omnichannel activation in advertising and social channels.

Preserve Addressability

Leverage highly adopted Panorama ID (50k+ global publishers) across all screens. Supports Publisher Direct, Prebid, GAM, Amazon CxM, PubMatic, Magnite, Google ESS etc., and 100s of buying channels e.g., DSP Direct: MediaMath, Adform.

CTV Engagement

Engage customers and prospects in CTV environments with efficient and effective video inventory buying.

Publisher Use Cases

Maximize Yield

Address 100% of site traffic and future-proof targeting in a cookieless world.

Omnichannel Activation

Achieve maximum revenue in direct and programmatic channels with data-empowered inventory across all screens.

Data Monetization

Unlock new revenue streams with flexible data-selling capabilities.