Actionable Customer Intelligence

Bring together all your first-party data for maximum benefit. Tap into built-in analytics powered by the largest global data marketplace to inform audience segmentation, growth, and planning.

Break down data silos across brand touchpoints and advertising

Save time & reduce system investment with comprehensive data ingestion

Identify new dimensions of existing customers to inform personalization

Learn more about ideal target customers with overlap analysis as well as pre-, mid- and post-campaign insights


Demographic & Behavioral Data Points

Analyze your first-party customer data to build deeper and more effective customer relationships and improve customer acquisition strategies.

Marketer Use Cases

Market Research

Identify key demographic and behavioral attributes for data empowered marketing strategies such as customer acquisition, product launches, market and vertical expansion.

Marketing Strategy

Leverage persona development, site analytics, and trend reporting for smarter planning. Build seasonal and event campaigns.

Campaign Planning & Reporting

Personalize ad copy and creative. Fine-tune targeting strategy. Utilize campaign analytics and recommendations for continual optimization.

Publisher Use Cases

Sales Enablement

Discover and validate your unique and differentiated audiences to support your advertising strategy.

Campaign Planning

Build complex audiences and run instant reach estimates to confirm availability of highly sought-after segments.

Audience Insights

Enhance campaign reporting with demographic, interest, and intent attributes provided to advertisers for upsells.