Data Informed Audiences

Get maximum value from your first-party data to build personas, drive audience growth, and enable data connectivity.

Expand and enrich your target audiences with scalable, trusted partner data

Scale audiences by applying machine-learning modeling & lookalike tools

Activate external data straight from Spherical, saving time on partner discovery

Collaborate directly with data providers and media owners in a privacy-safe way


Data Sources

Tap into trusted data sources to enrich first-party customer data.

Marketer Use Cases

Customer Acquisition

Refine or scale your first-party data to prospect. Avoid direct data contracts or minimum commitments.

Suppression & Conquest Targeting

Reduce waste by removing existing customers. Engage your competitor’s customers to win share of market.

Lookalike Modeling

Extend the use of existing first-party data to find highly similar profiles for customer acquisition.

Publisher Use Cases

Desired Audiences

Increase yield by monetizing your most valuable first-party audiences across all domains and screens. Achieve targeting requirements by expanding or refining your audience with trusted data and permissioning to buyers via collaborations.

Drive ROI

Machine learning-powered lookalike audiences extend your most valuable, sought-after, and niche first-party data.

Subscriber Acquisition

Understand and target consumers more effectively with trusted data at scale. Fuel subscription strategies with the same platform that powers your advertising solutions.