Why Spherical

Spherical, powered by Lotame, is a customer data accelerator for brands’ prospecting and personalization needs. Its suite of solutions extract the maximum value of a brand’s first-party data by connecting with leading CDPs to enable persona development, enrichment, analysis and advertising activation. Unify your siloed data sets from marketing and advertising to drive new customer acquisition, audience discovery and customer experiences that work. Built with brands, for brand needs. 

Marketing, Meet Advertising

Brands need data to understand who their customers are — today and tomorrow. For some, collecting data is hard, while others are flush but unable to harness it for prospecting. Spherical solutions unite your fragmented data sets for persona development, analysis and advertising activation.

Build Customer Intelligence

Bring together all your customer data for maximum benefit. Tap into built-in analytics to inform privacy-first personalization, fuel audience growth markets and inspire smarter planning. 

Scale Customer Acquisition

Find your next best customer. Access machine learning modeling, lookalike tools and a trusted, global, cookieless data marketplace (second- and third-party sources) for audience expansion and acquisition.

Activate Personalized Advertising

Easily extend your audiences anywhere you need — campaign delivery, audience intelligence, data collaboration and more. Safeguard your addressable advertising and measurement needs with the market leader in identity.


Unify fragmented marketing and advertising data for 360 view of customers
Expand audiences for advanced prospecting using machine learning, lookalike modeling and trusted data marketplace
Preserve and improve activation and measurement with a proven cookieless identity framework
Ensure regional and global compliance with auditable privacy management tools