Spherical Platform

Get Data Empowered with the next-generation data platform.

Spherical helps marketers and media owners drive growth and revenue with actionable customer intelligence, data informed audiences, and identity powered activation.

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Accelerate Customer Data

Whether You Have It Or Need It

With Spherical, unify, model, enrich, and activate known and unknown first-party customer data in smarter, faster, and easier ways. With connections to valuable data and activation, you can preserve and extend data connectivity and addressability in all environments.

Actionable Customer Intelligence

Bring together your known and unknown first-party customer data for maximum benefit. Tap into built-in analytics to inform personalization, fuel audience growth markets, and inspire smarter planning.

Data Informed Audiences

Use flexible audience building to enrich and scale your first-party data. Access machine learning modeling, lookalike tools, and a trusted, global data marketplace for audience expansion, acquisition, and ROI. 

Identity Powered Activation

Easily extend your audiences anywhere you need — campaign delivery, data visualization, revenue generation and more. Safeguard your addressable advertising and measurement needs with the market leader in identity. 

Interoperability is core to Lotame’s mission to create smarter, faster, and easier ways for companies to drive growth and derive value from customer data. Connect with leading SSPs, DSPs, adservers, social platforms, CDPs, data warehouses, personalization and measurement platforms, clean rooms, and more.


Unify fragmented marketing and advertising data for a panoramic view of customers

Expand audiences for prospecting and monetization using machine learning, lookalike modeling & trusted data sources

Preserve activation and measurement with a proven cookieless identity framework

Ensure regional and global compliance with auditable privacy management tools